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Why Us

Light Rising Publishing commits to give our authors our absolute best, helping them at every step of their literary journey to bring the best possible version of their vision to market.

Getting your book published through traditional means can be a convoluted and difficult process. First you write the book. Then you write and send a flurry of query letters in hopes of finding an agent who can get your manuscript in front of the right set of eyes at a traditional publishing house. After receiving back perhaps a few or perhaps a small mountain of rejection letters, maybe you find an agent who wants to work with you. Then you hope that agent can get your manuscript in front of an interested editor at a publishing company, or at the very least, to the top of the slush pile. And maybe an editor reads your manuscript and likes it enough to present it to a group of people who decide by committee whether your book is worth their company’s investment. Maybe those people connect with your manuscript, and maybe they don’t. Maybe they like it but don’t feel there is a sufficiently wide market for it. Maybe they take a vote and you end up on the losing end by a hand or two. That’s the world of traditional publishing.

But simply because your manuscript never makes it’s way out from the bottom of the slush pile, or just because an editor doesn’t connect with it, or just because a group of profit-minded businesspeople don’t see sufficient value in it doesn’t mean it’s not worth publishing. What’s more, writing your book should be the most difficult part of the journey to becoming a published author, not finding a publisher.

The key benefit of traditional publishing was distribution. In other words, big publishers can get your books into bookstores. But people today shop for books primarily through, not brick-and-mortar bookstores, and many printers offer drop-ship printing, which eliminates the need to print vast quantities of a book and hope that it sells. 

With self-publishing, you — not a publishing company with deep pockets — bears the cost of publishing your book. But it also means that you don’t just receive royalties, which are typically between 10 and 15 percent of the retail price for hardcover editions and between 8 and 10 percent for paperbacks, depending on the number sold. That’s not a whole lot of profit for all of your effort. With self-publishing, you keep much more of what you earn. Unfortunately, many self-published books never sell more than a few copies because they lack the professional touch of a production team. 

That’s where Light Rising Publishing comes in.

As a hybrid publisher, we accept only those manuscripts that fit our niche and meet our standards. We absorb the costs associated with editing, layout, and design, while asking authors to contribute just enough to cover printing and marketplace setup, and play an active role in promoting their books. In exchange, we hold back a small percentage of profits in exchange for our initial investment, providing our authors with exceptionally high royalties. To put it in simple terms, we view authors as partners, and their success is our success. 

Light Rising Publishing is an excellent solution for anyone with a message of value to share with the world, including life and business coaches, alternative health practitioners, and anyone working in the spiritual and mindfulness arenas. We make it easy to get your message out there and build your personal brand. Ready to be heard? Learn more about Our Process or visit our Submissions page to take the next step in the direction of your dreams. 

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