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Submissions Guidelines

Light Rising Publishing accepts both fiction and nonfiction manuscripts that promote greater awareness and understanding of the issues facing society, expand consciousness and connectedness, foster awakening, and inspire kinder living and positive social change. It is an excellent solution for anyone with a message of value to share with the world, including life and business coaches, alternative health practitioners, activists, and anyone working in the spiritual and mindfulness arenas. 

Submissions may be sent using the form on our Contact page. All submissions should include the following:

  • A short synopsis of your manuscript;

  • Why there's a need for this book;

  • What stage of doneness your manuscript is in and an approximate word count;

  • An author bio that includes why you're qualified to write this book;

  • Your intended audience;

  • Any competing titles and what makes your manuscript different; and

  • How you plan to help to promote your book. 

Feel free to also include the first chapter in the body of the email for review or provide a link to it (e.g., as a Google doc or Word doc via Dropbox or similar). If we like what we see, we'll request to see the full manuscript.

Please be patient, as it can take us anywhere from three to six weeks to evaluate initial submissions.


We look forward to potentially helping you turn your manuscript into a market-ready book!

All the best,

Cynthia Gomez

President, Light Rising Publishing

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