Our Process

Empowering Authors to Publish Dreams

Every manuscript is different, in terms of length and editorial shape. While one manuscript may be ready for the production process, another may need substantial developmental editing. In addition, authors often have very distinct visions for their books. Our process takes all of that into account.


We provide complimentary consultations to gain an understanding of the project, what shape a manuscript is in, and the level of service required. Following a conversation with authors and a brief review of their manuscripts, we provide clients with a customized price quote.


Our contract spells out our responsibilities, and those of our clients, throughout the entire process. Once a contract has been signed and returned to us, we’ll get to work turning your manuscript into a market-ready book. And because it’s YOUR book, we’ll be in contact at every step of the way to ensure we're carrying out our work in accordance with your vision. It’s our goal to ensure the end product is at the very least as good as our clients envisioned.


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